The Teacher Becomes the Student


Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Anatomists at Experimental Biology in Orlando, FL. It was an absolute privilege to connect with leaders and innovators in all domains of anatomy. The experience can only be described as a wild and wonderful whirlwind of excitement!

When I got home from the conference, I reflected on my own expertise and how little I know about so many of the “anatomy -ologies”: histology, embryology, anthropology… the list goes on. Instead of wallowing in my perceived inadequacy I resolved that there was only one thing to do:


Source: Berkshire Community College Bioscience Image Library. Public Domain under CC0 1.0

Drawn by the intoxicating visual appeal, I decided that histology was the best place to start. Over the next several weeks… months?… years??… I will be documenting my experiences learning histology in a purely self-directed manner. I will share links to all of my favourite resources in case you’re inclined to follow along. As I publish what I’ve learned so far please remember that I am not an expert … in fact, I encourage anyone with who knows more than me (a.k.a. anyone with more than a single semester undergraduate course with one measly unit on histology) to point out my errors and offer clarification so we can all learn together.

So without further ado… the study of the microscopic anatomy of tissues:

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