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Welcome to my ever-growing collection of anatomical artwork!!
You are most welcome to borrow any of the images or animations for personal, educational, or other non-commercial purposes… in fact, I encourage you to do so! I just ask that you leave my initials intact on each piece & include proper attribution in accordance with the Creative Commons license 
(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) linked at the bottom of this page.

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Line Drawings
Just the basics

Realistic(-ish) Digital Sketches
A little blending never hurt anyone...

Colourful Creations
Red & yellow & pink & green... purple & orange & blue!

Embryology Animations
Click on a thumbnail & watch the magic!

Arthrokinematics Animations
Slide to the left... slide to the right... criss cross!

Neuroanatomy Schematics
Don't let learning neuro get on your nerves!

More Coming Soon!

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  1. Samson Chengetanai

    Great stuff. I particularly like the embryology animations. I imagine this is a case of an animation is worth ten thousand words. Very useful for student comprehension. What program/application do you use to make those? I am an anatomy lecturer

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